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We do all Mastering and Mixing through our specialized team.

What’s Mixing
Under mixing (mixing) refers to the joining of all recorded audio tracks to one sound. There are volume adjustments and pan settings of the individual elements, such as Instrument tracks, voice tracks and sound tracks made. A distinction is made between stereo (left, right) and 5.1 (“LCR” = the front left, center and right. “LsRs” = Left Surround and Right Rear. “LFE” woofer). Subsequently, these tracks Equalizer (Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ), effects (such as reverb, delay) or Amplifier are with various dynamics processors (Limiter for example compressor, gate) (eg guitar amp, bass amp) designed sound so that all traces of a form musical balance. At the end of the mixing process, all tracks are edited together to either a stereo mix, a mix or a 5.1 Dolby Surround mix (eg for movies).

Why NewBeat Studios
We offer the unique “Sound”. Due to our many years of working with clients from the United States, we have a sound generated the “warm”, “low”, “clear” and “punchy” sound. Our rooms are acoustically measured and optimized. The studio monitors are specially designed for mixing and mastering area. With our high-quality analog outboard gear and hi-end software tools, we achieve the best possible results according to your needs. Our service and price list is very important to us! Therefore, we archive the tracks, wishes and preferences so that you always have to rely on it for future projects, the possibility or loss of data they can request from us again. We clarify before you all requests, suggestions, and concerns. Is the mix ready, so we will discuss these and lead where appropriate modifications or offer alternative versions.
Anyone who has not dealt with the subject MIXING not sufficient or is true with us. There is a need to familiarize yourself time and practice in the matter of mixing, therefore own mixing is not always an option. Our service we offer to anyone who is not available the technical and spatial possibilities for optimal sound result.