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Why do we work for mastering

Since the media information exploded, since the internet really broke any boundaries, the standards have changed too. It is quite hard to get a better result that makes your music sounds even better. But it is still possible. Everyday engineers are trying new things and trying to push everything to their limits. Sometimes they go back in time, pick up what was great back in the days and then try to adapt it to the future. In fact this is the whole beauty of music.

Mastering is the crucial step in your production chain. It can make your music sound perfect ready to be printed, released online or broadcast. If it is not done properly it can also destroy a song. That’s why mastering is also a creative job done by professional experienced people.

It is better to use a third part to make your mastering because you need that fresh and object ear that can add even more dynamic or deepness, punch, volume or clarity to your sound. A good mastering is also done with proper equipment that makes hearing and correcting the tiniest details possible. A good mastering brings an optimum sound, making your music sound good on any sound systems or environment (radio, tv, club, car, cinema, home).

Even if you have a very strong and good balanced mix, you still need a good mastering so your music has the same power and quality as other similar productions on the market. That is why mastering is so important and you should always consider a mastering budget when you are planning your productions.
Mastering adjustments

In case our clients are not happy with the mastering we provide we will make a free of charge revision to meet their requirements. Any other additional revisions will be charge at our standard rate. We ask our clients to request a revision no later than 10 days after we send the original final master.

We agree to master maximum two versions of a single song (the same song different mixing) in the mastering package. Any another additional version concerning the mixing of the track will be charged as a new master.


No compression

Very important is that your track has -3db headroom. If you submit an over compressed or strong limited song we will not take it in consideration and ask you to review your mixing.

Your song should be bounce in 24bit and 44 khz or higher without any dithering or normalization. We accept the standards sound formats: wave, aiff, mp3.
Packaging your track

Please compress your song into a zip or rar archive. You can also include a text file in your package to explain what your goal is, or how your song should sound in your opinion.
How long it takes

Our mastering take usually 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have a tight deadline and want to negotiate with us the timing terms.
Book your mastering

First register to our website.

All our server traffic is logged. All your personalized private data is only accessible for you and our mastering engineer. All the personal data, payment, the transferred tracks are protected against third partie via encrypted data storage servers.

Login to our website, upload your song(s) or archive file. Click on order tab after choosing the desired mastering package. Add the number of tracks and press update. Checkout with paypal/credit card or transfer via bank.

When mastering is finished you will receive an email with a downloading link included. If you experience any during the whole process, feel free to contact us.

mastering example

before mastering

[soundcloud id='124460370']
after mastering

[soundcloud id='124460370']

mastering example

before mastering

[soundcloud id='113174986']
after mastering

[soundcloud id='113174986']